Diversity Equity & Inclusion Resources

  • EEMB's diversity page: Learn how to get and stay involved in making our department better.
  • Readings: a living GoogleDoc where we add resources for building an inclusive lab culture.
  • LEAFY: A local program led by Prof. Diana Arya that supports students from ages 11-14 to learn about the science of gardening, environmental awareness and nutrition, and to create art related to these topics. They are looking for UCSB volunteers!
  • Curie-osity: A program (again led by Prof. Diana Arya) for the local Girls Inc. The Oono lab has hosted several groups in the past in endophyte culturing. Contact Diana or Ryoko if you want to get involved!
  • Ombuds - Help with communication skills to help with conflicts, offers mediation services, and resources.
  • Ethics Report - If you need to report unethical behavior on campus
  • Office of Equal Opportunity - Report issues of discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment or sexual violence involving UC students, staff and faculty.
  • Bias Report - If you face any bias in the EEMB department.
  • Hotline - If you face discrimination and harrassment at UCSB.
  • FemaleScienceProfessor - when I was a grad student/postdoc <2014, I spent many hours reading this blog. I did not have a lot of female/academic role models in my life so I loved reading about her life. Also, interesting to read about how far we have come and remind ourselves how far we still have to go. 

Opportunities/Advice Resources for STEM Careers

Lab Safety Resources

  • UC Policy on Laboratory Safety Training  Every member of our lab should know their rights to working in a safe environment. The official UC policy on laboratory safety can be found here. 
  • Training Needs Assessment Form Each new member of a lab should complete proper training for lab safety in the actual lab that they will be working in. This includes awareness of any procedures involving hazardous materials and ways to protect themselves. This form helps to document such a training. 

Science Resources (good reads for scientists at any stage of their career)

Fungi Resources

Lophodermium Resources

EEMB Resources

UCSB Resources

COVID Resources

Mental Health Resources

  • CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services): 805.893.4411 (24/7)
  • ASAP (Academic and Staff Assistance Program): (805) 893-3318
  • CARE / ACCESS available 24/7: 1-888-868-1649; CARE Survivor Services 1-805-893-4613
  • SAFTY Mobile Crisis Team / Hotline: 1-888-334-2777